Product Catalog

We’re very proud of our catalog of products to help men in your shoes. It’s a world class series of tools that, quite frankly, you won’t find anywhere else.

Survive Her Affair eBook

The foundation for everything. This is the first course you should grab right now.

It will walk you through what you’re feeling and why, the reasons women cheat, how to talk about the affair in a way that works, how to know if you should stay or go, and much more.

Help Him Get Over Your Affair

Have you ever wished your wife understood your pain and knew how to make things right with you?

Here’s your answer.

This is a simple, easy to read ebook you give your wife, When she reads it, she’ll have a deeper appreciation for what you’re going through and the specific steps she needs to take to save your marriage and rebuild the trust with you.

Rebuild The Trust Master Class

The only thing that hurts more than getting cheated on… is getting cheated on AGAIN.

In this advanced course on repairing the trust after an affair, you’ll learn the signs that tell you if you should (or shouldn’t) trust your wife again after she cheats.

You’ll also learn how to motivate your wife to earn your forgiveness, why too many therapists are dead wrong when it comes to fixing trust after infidelity, and much more.

4 hours of downloadable video and audio content plus a 66 page ebook.

Inside The Mind Of A Cheating Woman

Would you like to find out what your wife is really thinking – without spying on her?

In this groundbreaking course we interviewed over 100 women who cheated and asked them how they really felt about the affair, their husband, cheating again, getting divorced, and much more.

It’ll give you a road map to what’s truly going on inside your wife. It’ll be almost like reading her mind.

Complete with an ebook, graphs, and actual quotes from these women.

Infidelity Experts Reveal All

What if you could gather some of the world’s top experts on infidelity and relationships and ask them your most burning questions about how to handle your wife’s affair?

In a sense, now you can.

In this program you’ll get access to over 10 interviews I did with an elite group of experts and asked them the most common questions men have about what to do after finding out their wife was unfaithful.

You’ll get the audio recordings of each interview and the complete transcripts too.