1 Secret To Surviving Infidelity


Want 1 secret to surviving infidelity?

Okay. Then realize this simple truth – it’s simple (but not easy to feel day to day):

There is hope.

When we find out our wife has betrayed us it’s easy to think – and to get the FEELING – that the future might be hopeless.

Many guys lose hope – or start believing the only way they’ll feel better is if their wife stops cheating or doesn’t leave them. (2 things that are out of your control).

This is very common.

The reason is because when we get cheated on our heart sorta freaks out, and our body follows suit – releasing a tidal wave of powerful hormones (adrenaline, cortisol) that keep us from thinking straight, get us feeling desperate, insecure… and yes, hopeless at times.

Like much of the thinking that goes on after we’re betrayed… it’s best to view it as complete bullshit.

It’s not rational thought. It’s the hormones doing the thinking for us. Making us much more emotional than we normally are.

If you’re feeling or thinking any of this now, don’t beat yourself up about it – most guys go through this after getting cheated on.

The important thing to realize – even if you can’t feel it right now – is that there IS hope… and things WILL get better. No matter what happens. Whether she leaves, or you find out she cheats again. I’m not telling you to accept those things… but whatever happens you will be okay.


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Talk soon,

Kevin Jackson

6 thoughts on “1 Secret To Surviving Infidelity

  1. My problem is that I am getting the blame for this. “It’s your fault. You forced me to do this. You suspected I was cheating so I thought I might as well go ahead. And it’s your fault for snooping on my phone and finding the texts. You should have trusted me to handle it….”

    And so my head goes round and round at night wondering what I could have done / should have done to prevent this happening.

    I lover her totally and want to move on but it’s not easy

    1. Tell her u never forced her to do anything, how can u force her to do anything when u are not around. I would of said “unless I guided his dick into ur pussy, which we both know I didn’t, u can’t blame anyone else but yourself because it’s a conscious decision u selfishly made!!!!” Don’t fall for it or believe it. If u wanna work things out, it’d be better if u waited till she was finally ready to accept responsibility for actions because it’ll like talking to brick wall when trying to express ur feelings.

  2. Hey Kevin,
    Just listened to your post about being OK when you’re driving, thank you so much! It does give me hope that things will be all right and I will be OK no matter what happens!
    My wife shows very little remorse and really hasn’t done anything to improve the situation so …i’d rather go through a year or two of uncertainty and pain then be with her because she’s not worth it and I need to do what’s best for my children and the one that’s on the way if you can believe that !
    Thank you !!

  3. Hi Kevin. Three years on, I am still a mess. Reading books generally makes me feel worse – like picking at a scab. Your videos and emails at least look and read like advice from a friend, rather than a distant academic. Keep them coming.

  4. My story is a lot like all the others, details don’t matter that much, because the end result is the same — devastating betrayal, deceit, and sexual infidelity. I never thought I’d have to deal with this, and then BAM!!! Out of the blue, I’m the ‘poor sucker’.

    Its by far the worst pain I’ve felt. I’ve actually been physically ill as a side effect from the enormous amount of emotional pain.

    Anyway, I’ve tried marriage counseling and getting her a therapist, and a book to read together, etc. 4 months later, some things are better, but I never did see actual remorse and she downright refuses to apologize (the way I’ve requested–i.e a heartfelt statement, confirmation of her end of the affair, her commitment to our marriage and child, a show of remorse, and path to change).

    Now she tells me she doesn’t need therapy or books because she can just self-asses, and change herself as needed!!! Yeah right!

    Anyone heard this nonsense before??? I told her flat out, if you dont want this tell me. She says she does, but then why the denial of any type of help with it? The only thing I can figure is that she is hiding from facing her own actions and the pain she has wreaked upon me.


    I’ve still got one foot out the door…

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